In Life And In Death

In an effort to get my bearings, I imagine that the difference between the brain and the mind is the same as between the computer's operating system (software) and old iron cutting edge forms of support (hardware). In Massimo Piattelli Palmarini book who believe they have found traces of this scheme. Author, cognitive scientist, currently teaching at the University of Arizona. Its not a book but a broad technical disclosure and updated.

A good starting point to summarize the content in my opinion this sentence: ". Our mind is a machine built to understand when this is lacking in fact, they build one with the imagination. " From here a series of considerations and examples which penetrate into the mechanism (call them) which allows the construction of this "common sense". Or do not allow it, because sometimes it happens. Interesting chapter (Drawer mind) who reported some cases of cognitive processes that are distorted or less. There is write correctly from dictation but not be able to read what you write, and who is not able to see the facial features and are therefore unable to recognise people, who can name the objects in the scene but unable to connect them and so on. The bottom line is that this phenomenon depends on the structure of the modular from our minds. In addition, the authors wrote, "the entire development of biological organisms is modular, and a lot of shape, Anatomy and Physiology, found no change in evolution."

Equally interesting is the section devoted to dream, there is an important backbone, but only a few, brilliant insights of Freud. For example, the founder of psychoanalysis will have a reason at all given in his sleep, dropped the complaint, the submerged consciousness while walking back to the surface.

Another interesting thing is the largest in the book is devoted to the religious impulse which can cause strong emotional reactions. And it's connected to another chapter, the backbone you are trying to describe how mind functions in the last moment of its existence. There is the possibility that "some remarkable storm of neurochemistry" anchorage in extreme moments, a deep sense of well-being. That gave him comfort.
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